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Checklist for Landlords

Property inspection checklists for landlords explained.

Inspections at the beginning of a tenancy confirm whether the property’s condition is satisfactory at this point so you need to have a property inspection checklist at the ready. Inspectors must be performed at the commencement of the residence when the tenancy ends and regularly throughout the residency.

Each party may refer back or discuss an inventory at that point in the dispute. The lease owner has the right to return the apartment to its original condition under normal wear and tear.

You may claim this deposit as damages, and should you wish to repair it. Please check all lists available for landlords to thoroughly inspect their properties to avoid all possible issues in their homes?

Top 3 rental inspection checklists

Capture photographic proof of property. Perform thorough rental inspections anywhere.

Landlord Inspection Checklist

With the changing season comes the guarantee your rental inspection checklist gets your rental ready for winter or cooler weather.

It also helps you stay aware of your home’s condition, which is vital if you want to inspect it before any moving date. It’s essential, especially if it’s necessary, to stop pipes from breaking.

Landlord Property Inspection Guide & Notice Template

Household and tenant inspected premises are a routine duty for landlords and their staff. They can identify maintenance challenges and determine poor tenant behaviour.

Landlords should never be forgotten these inspections and should never be overlooked. Routine inspections allow owners to determine maintenance issues and identify the problem.

How do I prepare for a property inspection checklist?

Regular inspections help landlords make sure residents look after their property. Inspection technicians catch every maintenance bug before it escalates. Get your landlord inspection schedule in this handy guide.

Learn about safety for tenants and how to protect your property. For confidential support, get in touch with Samaritans.

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Carry out periodic property inspections

How frequently you should inspect your property should be indicated on the tenancy agreement. Annual inspections are the standard, but it is wise to check the property weekly or once a quarter at the start of the year.

The frequency of property inspection depends mainly on the types of tenants you have and your relationship with those. Pro tip: schedule a property inspection in the first three months of the year to allow the tenant to ask any burning questions such as how machines work or where the bin needs to be stored.

It allows you to see potential difficulties before they take hold.

Disclaimer: I’m just a landlord blog. I’m 100% not qualified to give legal or financial advice. Any information I disclose is my independent opinion and should never be seen as a substitute for professional legal advice.

When to perform periodic inspections

Act 1985 allows property owners to access their premises to assess the damage or condition of the building. However, you have to provide the tenant at least three days written notice of such.

Any routine maintenance check throughout the calendar year is critical to avoid potential problems if they arise quickly. A central goal is to eliminate unnecessary costs on tenant complaints.

It is at least worthwhile doing periodic inspection seasonally as the change in weather conditions could cause or uncover problems. It would help if you didn’t use checks too often because they may see it as harassment against the tenants.

What is a landlord property inspection?

The primary purpose of the inspection is to assess a property’s general situation. Checks typically run twice a year, but this can depend on the case.

While a regular system inspection is essential, it is equally important not to conduct too many checks (as one per month is considered abuse).

There are very few reasons to do these inspections, so much to prevent real problems or address them. A landlord who finds out that your company visits you too frequently may file a complaint. Suppose you want to perform inspections regularly.

Give notice before an inspection.

Landlords are expected to let tenants know before inspection of homes. Give a minimum 24-hour period to your landlord. Give your notice either in writing through email or if sent by email.

Act for the reason why the tenants won’t let you in.

Suppose you struggle to contact the tenants regarding arranging an inspection letter if you prefer to receive letters by letter-signee-delivery. If you can’t enter the house, you could contact your landlord by email, phone, or post.

Giving notice before a landlord inspection

Under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, residents shall have the right to access the premises to see ‘condition and state of repair’. For new tenancies, quarterly inspection is probably in place, so it gives you the chance to get to any problems as soon as possible.

Anything beyond three months could be seen as harassment by your tenants and used against you in any dispute. When the tenancy has been established, and you know that your tenants take great care of the place, the frequency of visits can be dropped.

Inspection and inventory reports

It is ideally wise to submit an inspection report to the owner for documentation and records. The list will also be a helpful prompt if there are other things for a tenant interested in repairing or checking.

You will need to provide this if you are willing to release the tenant on a security deposit. They may refuse the security deposit or evict them. You should have prepared a Moving inspection inventory report giving exact details about the presence and condition of everything that remained on the property.

Along with your rent statement, it represents the most important document you ever compiled.

Inspections & inventory reports

The inventory should be written incredibly closely to ensure proper management and is often used at the end of the assessment phase, not during middle rental inspections.

The primary goal of the Inventory Report is to help landlords and tenants restore the rental property to its original condition from when the tenancy started.

A regular inspection is then to make sure the property is in good working order. The inventory report should be highly detailed and applied in the final inspections, not routine inspections, to assist rents in keeping the property in its original condition when it is in good.

When the tenant refuses entry

Under common law, all tenants are entitled to a peaceful life. Landlords must ask for consent before entering a dwelling. If a landlord or a manager enters without authorisation, it can be deemed a breach of agreement and aggravated harassment.

The only exceptions to ‘fortified entry’ are urgent emergencies. Section 11 specifies that in case a situation is imminent, the landlord can take it over. If a tenant refuses entry and the property deteriorates at the end of the tenancy, the landlord may have recourse against the deposit.

I would personally sign a Section 21 warrant for their detainment at the end of the tenancy.

What happens if the tenant refuses to enter the house?

Most tenants allow your entry on the property but can refuse. Sometimes we simply do not want our privacy disturbed because we don’t want someone intruding.

This may help you if you file a request for permission from a court order. You can evict them using a section 8 notice or ask them to leave after the fixed tenancy period.

It has announced plans for removing this route of removal when parliament comes. If you are a new landlord, we can help you understand the challenging aspects of leasing properties – and help you to compile a landlord inspection checklist. Tell us about our properties.

What should I do to complete a property inspection checklist?

You will probably need to inspect your home at least once a year, and many landlords prefer to visit once per six months. When planning your mid-term inspection, you must give the tenant 24 hours written notice.

It is a good practice of giving the seller a week notice before putting you through the process so he can come in the property before cleaning the land.

The more reasonable the relationship with your tenants, the best chances will be that they care about the land as their own and alert you as soon as something needs fixing. For example, they could be a burning question to ask you or be reminded of those responsibilities.

What is a rental inspection checklist?

In the property inspection checklist, get a list of everything that’s suitable for your property:

Be respectful when scheduling your property inspections.

The right tenants could cut profit margins. You need to accept your tenant’s right to live in peaceful peace with the understanding that your property is their home. In most instances, tenants are more than happy to accommodate inspection – except the landlord does it with compassion.

Don’t just assume you have a right to access the property, and you don’t. Please request your permission. Be generous and flexible with your time and make sure it is comfortable for all parties.

Why inspections are necessary and required?

Inspections are the perfect chance to fix minor problems before they spiral out of control and become extensive repairs and cash traps. It’s always more efficient and inexpensive to repair the problem at its early stages.

Most destructive renters are best payers who want to stay away from the landlord and prevent illegal activities. Renters are less likely to move if they are unhappy with the landlord.

That ultimately equals long-term reliable tenants. Invasions offer a great opportunity just to check in with the tenant and talk about lives generally. Inspection can easily catch on.

Landlord 6-month inspection checklist

Every six months, it was good to try for a 6-month rental inspection. In general, your landlord inspection list should also cover almost everything above and consider following season conditions.

This checklist depends on their rental property, but here are a few things you can take into account in preparation for winter or summer. The list differs depending on the type of renting that you rent.

Statutory inspection checks

Checks in these sections are mainly required for health and safety. Achieving such activities is a way of saving lives. Fail this check at your own risk.

Letting agents & inspections

Inspections are part of the management process, and they will be mind-blowing if they are not. We’re talking about agents.

Most agents used scoresheets to help record the property’s condition and to track its issues. Many agents usually say it’s part of the service, but several do not perform inspections. I’d ask them to do reviews and to be convinced because you probably paid for the service.

You can’t count on the balance sheets, at least for your properties.

Rental Inspection Checklist For Winter

Winter is supposed to emphasise protecting pipes from cold drafts from fires and Christmas candles. If your tenant is not paying rent, your landlord is in bad company.

If you or any tenant use snow shovels and sidewalk salt, you should also have an insect test before the season starts. Furry little creatures love to move indoors in winter.

Periodic landlord inspections – the basics

Periodic inspections of your rental property are an essential aspect of being a landlord. These are critical steps in check that everything works appropriately for the home renter, tackling issues early and keeping a good relationship with the occupants. However, you will be able to comply with your duty to safeguard the property when you pass a necessary inspection. They could save you money and hassle later and could keep them after.

Property condition

Your property has fitness for human habitability policy, but they need to do so. Otherwise, renters could bring it to court. Show me the best ways for keeping track of the condition of a home. What are the main features? Remember that your property must be complying with Fitness for Human habitation Act: Fitness for Hu.

Template Featured

A tenant inspection checklist is used by landlords or property managers by inspecting and assessing conditions of property such as rental homes and apartments. It is to look for areas that could need action (i.e. cleaning, needs reparation or needs replacing). The Inspection Checklist is the following.

How do I give tenants notice of a property inspection?

A landlord and tenant act of 1985 s11 allows entering the building to view the” condition and state of repair’ The tenant must give the occupier 24 hours of notice in writing. A lease implied under which the greater occupier indicated the repairing covenant includes the covenant of the lessee.

Why are periodic inspections necessary?

You have thoroughly assessed the property pre-tenancy, including the furnishings and fixtures. You return at the end of the rental period once more to ensure that things are in a similar situation as when your tenants moved in. But you also have to visit regularly to keep track of it.

Tenancy breaches

During an inspection, you should check for signs of tenancy violations. You ought to take all actions necessary to deal with this potential hazard. Most tenants will take care of your property, and some tenants may breach their tenancy clauses.

Health and Hygiene

The Home (Health for Human Habitability) Act states that landlords are responsible to their tenants and provide a habitable property. Moulds, mildew and insect infestations should be avoided.

What you should look for during inspections

You may consider putting together a tenant inspection checklist. This includes details about what you need.

How do I prepare for a rental inspection?

One party, typically the landlord, can provide a rental inspection report. Using our free rental inspection checklist template, you can select particulars to include in the document and how many places the document is located.

This allows you to personalise every document for the property represented to ensure nothing is forgotten over or skipped in the inspection period. When you’re renting your land first, you should take an opportunity to observe yourself for any items that might cause any trouble during the walkaround.

So you can begin any extensive repairs before the renter can see them. It can be one more way of starting significant repairs before they get spotted.

How do I do a tenant walkthrough?

Check windows appliances, faucets, lighting and lights. Bring the entire circuit on so that it can check if it works in the power outlets.

Check all features to look for nicks and cracks, such as dust in the walls and flooring. Keep a close watch out for any gaps. What property is surrounded by carpet?

Also, observe the cleanliness of the place. Checking the outlets for battery backup is easy with a phone charger. Check all bedrooms, bathrooms and closets.

Tenant Move-in Inspection

In the presence of the tenant, inspect the tenant’s possessions.

Performing this inspection shows the damage present before occupancy and can be used to compare during tenants’ occupancy.

This checklist covers the exact item as a regular inspection checklist, but it will need a signature from landlords or tenants.


Sure, landlords can also sublet them, so you don’t need to investigate them during a house-cleaning inspection.

Recently there have been some sublet scams which means people rent property from a landlord and then overcrowd it with tenants. Search for an indication of more adults living there.

Extra mattresses, pillows and beds indicate this. Always communicate this to your tenants, and they have friends and relatives staying with them for some time. For example, if you rent and look like people have stayed in your home, it may be family.


It’s easy to smell cigarette smoke in rental houses. Strong room fresheners or other highly fragranced aromas can be used to mask the taste.

Cigarettes on walls and ceilings may indicate smoke inside the building. The damage caused by smoking is time-consuming and expensive to fix, so this is an issue you should get rid of immediately if you realise it.

It tends to leave a yellow/orange hue, especially within lighter decor, particularly in lighter de. It can often be challenging to repair, and it takes too much time.

The conditions of the property inside and out

Check to find any wear and tear that indicate problems. Make sure those electrical components are not worn up so as not to pose a possible danger. Fire safety is an essential duty for landlords, so this can also be an excellent time to check that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors work and to look out for fire hazards like items blocking doors. Check gutters and roofs for damage and look for leaking interiors – damp spots caused by leaky showers – as well as dripping watertight fixtures or toilets—guaranteed Rent For My Property.

Check the outdoor space.

Mid-term inspections are an excellent time to take care of all outdoor spaces for what you need to be done. If you have garden responsibilities, you can use them as a conversation with a potential renter. Keep in mind if the tenancy ends or even becomes crowded, it would delay or even prevent the finding of new tenants if the ground was completely overgrown and was no longer. If you have a garden that must be maintained, it should be clear whether maintenance is yours or the tenant’s duty. If you have one, make a note.


It is not appropriate to let pets inside rental properties unless you see unusual animal behaviour in an inspection. Animal hairs bitten by doorknobs, carpets and pet urine in the lawn can indicate pets are resident there. If a client asks that they do not allow you into one of the premises, it could mean animals in an area. If you notice the presence of a dog at the property, you will need your landlord’s intervention to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Damp and Mould

Damp is usually very rare in modern homes, while it is a common problem in more historic properties. Be vigilant for penetrations and rises of condensation. Moulds are a nuisance and an annoyance when they’re present. Poor Ventilated Home are prime candidates for mould and mildew. Check bathrooms for mould and mildew and check bathroom walls for mould. Find dry patches of wallpaper and dark patches of dark patches on walls and salt paint on walls. You can read the article online: [link].

Property damage

The more a problem takes to get worse, the more difficult it is to repair it. It is essential to identify and fix property damage early, especially rooms and places not used daily. If you have a good lease relationship, they will probably point to everything you need to know about. There may be things people haven’t seen or didn’t see as problematic, so it’ll be important for all of you to thoroughly check everything – particularly rooms which can hardly be used for much.

Look for mould and dampness.

Mould can pose a health risk and can be much worse if left untreated. Lousy ventilation is incredibly easy to treat mould, hence remind rental agencies to open the windows when damp space is limited. Rising wet and penetrated damp are the main kinds that one needs to look for. If the water becomes wet, then it needs immediate treatment. If this disease is spread widely, you might need to call a medical expert. You can remove mould too if you find it in the bathroom.

Monitor gutters and drains

The accumulation of debris may lead to water problems. Therefore, it must be taken care of soon. Unblocking the drains is something the tenants can often do but remember if it appears like it’s not happening. Likewise, you will want to inspect the gutters for damage because difficulties here could lead to more severe water damage over the long term. Blockages are typically due to leaves that can be easily removed, so get them removed fast if they block pipes.

Pest Infestations

Fleas and bedbugs can be difficult and a complete menace. Cold tea or coffee placed near rugs may attract fleas. See the wasp nest too. These can create problems in late summer as wasps who consume fermented juice are more likely to attack. Bed bugs like bed bugs and fleas are challenging to eradicate. A hot cup of coffee or tea placed onto any surface attracts fleas. Also, your leg as well. Wasp nests and other nuisances also bother landlords.

Are your tenants up to no good?

It is unlikely that the building has been used or converted to a cannabis factory or brothel, but it happens. Keep an eye out to find any suspicious activity. Generally, you can also observe signs or breaches under Tenancy Loan Agreements, for example. Inform the authorities if evidence of illegal activity is found in the neighbourhood as soon as possible. For confidential support, call the Samaritans at 08457 909090 or visit the local Samaritans.

Signs of Illegal Activity

If the property is used for an unlawful purpose, it is generally easy to spot the signs. Stay vigilant if you have bad tastes and if there’s drug usage. In the worst-case scenario, parts of your possession may not be accessible to you if you find substantial damage to the property. The problem may appear in a small percentage of cases, but it is scarce to discover any signs of illegal activity in rental properties.


A simple part of the rentals inspection is checking the appliances you have provided. The input provided by tenants helps you understand what works well and whatnot. You can start thinking as to why specific devices may need replacement. This allows you to budget efficiently and reduces the risk you might have to rush a purchase. Verify that the appliances that you have supplied are functioning correctly.

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

A smoke alarm will need to be checked on the alarm system or carbon monoxide detector, and this is also an appropriate time to remind residents to check regularly. Then you will have to replace worn-out batteries that need repairs in addition to new rechargeable power cord replacement. Our overview of carbon monoxide and smoke alarm regulation includes all you need to know about them.


Check electricity such as sockets and lightboxes for damages. If the problem exists, take immediate actions that will correct it. Faulty electrical systems pose an immense threat to the system.

Electrical checks

It has been a legal requirement to check electrical safety for formerly leased buildings at least four times a year. A registered professional may need an Electrical Installation Condition Report for your tenants within 28 days of this inspection. View our comprehensive guide to home electrical testing for signs of damage. For more information, see [links] and find out more.


Check roofs for damage and missing tiles for missing roofs. The gutters are often drained. Ideally, arrange cleaning of gutter lines every one to three years. Check faucets for leaks and drips in bathroom cisterns, and bathtubs are easy to repair. Check gutters for indications that they block water from drains and roofing was.

Check for leaks

During the inspection, keep an eye on water taps for leaks & drips. A quick check of all the bathrooms will confirm any leaks or leaking piping. Call a professional plumber for a second look. Long-life water damage can be severe. Most leaks can be fixed easily – but never go without going to the toilet or the.

Signs of subletting

An inspection helps you verify whether tenants subcontract illegally. If you do, try to solve the issue informally as it is in your interest to evacuate. Various telltale signs indicate illegal subletting – these are explained all in our landlord guide to subletting.

Other tenancy breaches

The inspection period is a good time to check whether it is possible to see which rental units breach these regulations. For example, you may not allow the drying of clothes outside because of condensation. Quick ‘contact’ with neighbours might show you if there was any anti-social behaviour.

Inspect outside

The outside should be kept clean away from debris and junk because it could cause pest problems and wildlife. Inspect lawns and flower beds and make sure they’re all cleaned properly. A gutter check is usually necessary to check the gutter for any obstructions that break pipes or brackets. Suppose you include a provision requiring that the tenants provide the garden and landscape maintenance in your lease agreement. In that case, you may want to inspect and ensure they perform the regular duties as expected.

Service the appliances

Locally all leases must have gas equipment maintained by registered Gas Safe engineers. The latest records must be given to the tenant in less than 28 days of the check date. All electrical systems, including power sockets and lights, should be safe. A gas safety check must each year be conducted, and a current tenant must also have the latest report sent to him within 28 days. Landlords can use records about it.

Fire safety

You legally require fire alarms on each floor and a carbon monoxide alarm in every room with smudge burning. Test their functionality to make sure they work. You will need a visit by emergency services that offer Safe and Well visits. During the survey, the operator performs an inventory for potential fire risks and provides the occupant with a fire escape plan. They test any smoke alarm for you.

Record the results

Have you taken any photos of any damage caused if necessary and added them to this report before you leave. Consider doing this floor by floor to ensure nothing is missed. Should you use a letting agency for investment, it will confirm the authenticity and thoroughness of the assessment.

Now you’ve got your property inspection checklist. You should be all good to go.



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