Property investment goals: How to make success inevitable?

Successful property investors have started with one property and finished with hundreds. How is this possible and what can you do to turn your investment property game in to over drive?

Plan your own goals to avoid “own goals”

Running a single property can be quite time consuming. Property investors create goals and sub goals to help measure their perofrmance judging it over a few weeks and then over years.

Take a holistic approach to property investment strategies

Through our years of experience with property investment professionals, our team knows that the most significant predictor of successful property investments is the ability to set the right goals and execute the proper procedures. You should know four simple ways you can accomplish exactly this.

Building a property portfolio is a possibility for almost anyone. Everyone wants to create a regular income and that can start with just one tenant.

Property investment is more than just finding properties below market value. With so many types of buy to let investments available it can be difficult dinstinguishing which type is right for you.

Even the best property investment strategies can suffer. What happens if tenant stops paying rent, there’s building damage which isn’t insured

With many property investment strategies, the one you choose should reflect the needs you have. Who do you want to rent to? Will you rent to , housing benefit tenants? Do you want to target professionals?

It would help if you compile a list of your wants and needs from a property then look for the type that suits your needs most. For example, student property has become extremely popular in recent years but it does have it’s drawbacks.

SMART goals for property investors

I think it’s essential to set an objective and stick with it. What can an investor gain from buying or selling a home? SMART is a precise and quantifiably achievable measure with realism and timing.

You need to set out your goals. Many people new to investing spend hours and money circling circles without explicit and specific goals.

All successful property investors follow a plan. No matter what’s written onto napkins on paper or in a spreadsheet, colour coding is essential; it is a matter of thought carefully on your part. The first thing to do is define goals. In this video today, I give you five steps required to succeed in the property business.

Drive your property portfolio forward and become a successful investor

There is a wide variety of ways to achieve different kinds of targets. When planning your investment strategy, you should consider which best fits your objectives. So we’d like to explore each method briefly. This page will not be able to be modified without permission.

Set sub-goals

Sub-target is the miles at each end of the Marathon route. You can be coached with these exercises to help achieve your goals in the future. This is particularly crucial in the property market, where your goal could take a year to attain.

It is harder to stay motivated when the reward is years out, but you get smaller “wins”. Depending on the portfolio you are planning on achieving, you may have to reach 20% of the target in the upcoming year. If your main goal is £1500 monthly, your target might be acquiring a house, which will pay you 300 extra for your purpose.

Decide on your daily and weekly actions.

Goal-setting is regarded as meaningful work, but it is intended for actions only. Setting an objective is impossible for you.

This may be more commonly mistaken than we realise at first. Many people feel excellent about their goal, and it can be so rewarding that they forget everything they should do to accomplish that goal!

Having an aim (and subgoals) helps determine the action needed to take so you don’t have to spin the wheels and think about the next thing. We must do it consistently.

Get clear on your bigger purpose.

Okay, the bigger goal is using your property for cancer prevention. This might serve to make you enjoy yourself, but there are always more significant reasons to do so. Maybe it’s for retirement or a chance to work part-time or find a career in your heart… or just another thing altogether.

This explains why one should be considering buying an investment home. It would help if you did not underestimate its importance. It will help set goals and inform what kind of property you purchase.

Translate your purpose into reasonable property investment goals

Suitable property investments are mainly based on putting your purpose in action to make things concrete. Ultimately achieving a goal requires achieving a specific goal. “I wish I could own ten houses”.

The objective of this project has been clear. I’ll make a lot of money. I want to make an average of £500 a month by owning property in three years. A target needs a definite ambition. It’s a waste of money for someone to buy a home and sell it.

Good and bad goals

What are some tests that show how well you achieved this goal? Take the examples above to understand the difference between a vaguely defined vision or quantifiable objectives. Good goal: I want a return for my investment in my property in 5 years”. Bad Goal: I would rather retire in 5 years”.

Commercial property

I have no commercial real estate experience, and if this interests you, you’d instead look for another resource. It’s easy enough to rent a business with stability. But there are certain restrictions on permanent work, and leases have long-term periods and usually require complete repair and insurance. I have always gotten off my feet when a tenant loses a job because it can take a long to find another one.

Take the next step in setting and achieving your goals.

How do you set goals and make the right decisions? You’ll be better than 95% of the people ever by following this guide. Please do not underestimate how effective it is to set goals by having good habits.

Find more helpful tips and guidance on each step on Property Hub University. You can also learn how Property Hub founder Rob and his partner Rob set a personal goal. We want to help you understand our clients.

Become a successful property investor

Being a property investor isn’t just about luck. Some people have good experiences whilst others suffer terribly. There’s no foolproof plan for a property investment strategy to be a success, obviously, if you’ve got over £10million to play with, things will be significantly easier, but for those starting from the ground up, growing bricks, then strategy plays a major role to growing your property portfolio. Just give some insight into what we typically use for goals and when working with customers. SMART. It’ll help you regardless of whether the goal is weekly, monthly, 6-monthly, or annual.

It provides you with some definitions for what you should try or put what you want on paper. The acronym is spelt out: Specific measurable, attainable, realistic and timebound.


Eventually, the third is feasible. When you are just beginning to grow or build a property business, you may find that you’re not sure what’s achievable. You have to be able actually to do something. You should never set too high an objective that may sound unrealistic.

Give yourself an idea of how easily you can achieve many things. Typically, the most valuable thing we’re looking for when evaluating new clients is a document that describes how much value your business will bring in.


The first piece in this analogy, SMART, focuses specifically on particulars. Instead of saying a few things, such as I want to buy one property, instead, you must be more specific about what property you want.

I am considering purchasing a property for my home, and I want to use the same approach for other properties in these locations. Maybe something else. It’s something more detailed about your purpose. It’s a great chance to try something you know very clearly.


Those fourth parts are realistic. You want something that you can accomplish, as long as you know someone who has done this. Friends and Family are perfect as they show direct correlations between the goal you want to achieve and your goal and what they have accomplished.

When you want to create a portfolio, a hundred properties in a hundred days, it would be tough to get started without any resources and nothing to add to the list.


Is there a strategy to get some money? I don’t just say I want to make a little money for retirement, but I also want my lifestyle to be flexible. I want 5,000 pounds per week or 300 pounds each month, or 100,000, 500,00.

This can help you determine a goal. It has more measurable qualities that make you feel confident that your plan has been accomplished. Two things are also more quantifiable.


Ideally, something has to be set in time. Building a portfolio of properties can also be beneficial. Building or investing in property as a retirement plan is another beautiful idea. It is also hard to tell how to get there if you haven’t defined these first four things. How will we develop it? How many leads do you generate?

Tell me the best investment property strategy in the UK?

There are three primary choices for property investors in the property investing world – property investment. It’s sometimes harder, though, as different property strategies differ in every category, with all of them presenting varying benefits and cons and other appeals to different people. The following are the most common UK real estate investments, which can be found here. Build your property portfolio with the following ideas.:

Property Crowdfunding

In addition to gaining access to diversified alternative property investing, property crowdfunding offers an exciting method for anyone buying or renting property directly.

Property crowdfunding is where investors pool the money together for real estate purchases, and those who invest in property have ownership shares in them. Property crowdfunding is often referred to as an online portal that collects money from investors who buy the property.

When this website generates enough cash, it is incorporated as a sole company, with shareholders receiving a percentage of the company representative of the money.

Purpose-built student accommodation

In 2019 students’ accommodation has become a top contender to be considered one of the optimum property investments, and its popularity has soared with the construction of the housing. Students accommodation is also categorised as buying to rent.

PBSA makes it possible for students to rent exclusively. A new report released by Savills in early 2021 revealed that £57 billion of spending in the student accommodation sector would exceed this figure for the first time. This comes alongside an expanding UK student market which sees an 84% increase in applicants in 2021.

Buy to sell / Property Development.

Buy To Sell is a vital property investment strategy in the UK and a popular property investment strategy in the UK. The buy to sell process, also referred to as house flipping, is when someone buys a property that needs refurbishment and sells it to a potential buyer.

Buy to sell typically includes property development because investors often need to undertake renovations to raise the property’s value. Unlike buying/letting strategies, these do not have rental properties and require income.

Single Let Residential Property

Residential properties are traditionally considered the best investment option in the UK. Renting property is probably the UK’s most popular and easily accessible property strategy.

Single-let residential properties are real-world properties owned by a single ‘tenant’, whether a single person or a family. You have the right to expect lucrative investment strategies if you purchase a property. Please see our complete guide on buying to let property find the best investment strategy.

Hotel Lets

Hotel lets in the United Kingdom are an extremely niche investment strategy that most renters don’t consider before renting properties. Hotel room investments happen by purchasing rooms in a hotel that generate revenue through the guest stay. In the absence of occupants, investors may earn income through travelling on business trips and holidays.

Hotel rentals in the UK are ideally suited for investors interested in ultimately handing out investment opportunities in property.

Rent to Rent

Rent to hire can be regarded as a simple yet effective strategy to climb the property ladder without compromising quality. An investor renting to rent a property from a landlord is renting this to a landlord.

The investor renting a property to its owner must find tenants who maintain the property and pay rent. The rental fees that the investor must pay are typically lowered, allowing investors to gain profits.

Commercial property

The UK’s ideal property plan for 2022 will consist of commercial purchase-to-let. Investors buy and rent the office buildings and the office buildings exclusively to businesses and entrepreneurs here.

Despite investors struggling to find a suitable tenant and recurring cash flow for commercial properties, commercial buildings often have longer lease times.

Goal setting

Goal setting helps to identify a clear path. Property strategies need goal setting to help you move forward, know where you’re currently at and what you can do to help maximise growth ..

Niche “investments”

Some of the strategies used in the property education world are very few and relatively less common. It is comma-separated because investment implies investing capital for a return, while this approach is mainly designed for individuals with limited funds.


Every investor you encounter will have their own bias, and you shouldn’t have anyone telling them the truth. All strategies are different; therefore, you should do what is right for you – according to your goals and commitments.

Are you ready to invest?

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What is the main goal of a real estate investment?

It is generally assumed that investment in residential properties is the best way to earn money and to develop ownership of the property as the price rises while benefiting from tax credits.

What are investment goals examples?

Start a portfolio with one house, then year three use savings and rent to buy another .

How do you set property goals?

Make a list of what you want to achieve over the next 12 months and check in every week to see progress.

What are real estate goals?

In the short term, the aim of increasing profit is to “increase profits by October 2022 using cost-cutting measures and enhancing real property marketing” rather than simply increasing profits. The SMARTer the goal, the more accurate your evaluation.



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